Prairie Lights

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& other Inspirations

Since 2005

Our mission is to create high quality products with superior ingredients at fair prices - from our family to yours. 

Friendly Service

Welcome to our family! Our family is the inspiration for everything we make. Therefore we use ingredients that we know are safe and superior in quality!

In keeping with our family values, we use 100% soy wax from the Midwest in our candles, supporting our neighbors and their families!

High Quality Products

We hand craft almost every bath & body product we put on our bodies., so we  use only the finest ingredients in our products. Afterall, our family uses every product for themselves. Fragrances are all made with premium ingredients and are phthalate-free (a common additive in cheap fragrances).

What are phthalates? In addition to being a common allergen, phthalates are " a salt or ester of phthalic acid: phthalates are used mainly, and profusely, as plasticizers and solvents, but growing concern over their environmental impact has led to interest in developing biological alternatives. "

Family Fun & Inspiration

We follow our inspiration - whether it be iridescent containers inspired by a granddaughter's love of unicorns, or toy bugs hidden in bath fizzies for a surprise at Halloween - and we make extra to share! Check back often to see what our latest inspiration is!

If you fall in love, anything is available for purchase!